Thursday, October 13, 2011

Vitamin A fortification to frying oil

Today, vitamin A deficiency in developing countries should be given more attention. The current intake is still low, only 20% of the RDA. It because of the most food of the developing countries is based on cereal, their low purchasing power, and lack of indifference to the problem of malnutrition. Vitamin A supplementation program still needs to be repaired.
One effort to overcome these problems is the vitamin A fortification in frying oil. The fortification has been proven safe and effective, as well as low cost and high benefit. From the results of several studies from Bogor Agriculture Institute of Indonesia, vitamin A is proved stable against heating. Its retention on the first pan bread lasuna (temperature 160-170) is still around 89%, and will be reduced on the second and third frying. The same result is found in several other products, such as fish, potatoes, and so on.

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