Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fats and oils benefits

Fats and oils benefits as essential organic compounds to life of many living things, include:
1. Provide savory flavor and aroma of the specific
2. As one of the components of the cell wall materials and biomolecules
3. Effective energy source compared with protein and carbohydrates. They are completely oxidized to produce 9 calories/gram, while protein and carbohydrate produced only 4 calories per 1 gram of protein or carbohydrate.
4. Because of their high boiling point, then oil is usually used for frying foods in which the ingredients are fried would lose most of its water content and become dry.
5. Fats and oils benefits are to provide layered, soft, and smooth consistency in the manufacture of bread.
6. Giving a soft texture in the manufacture of ice cream
7. Vegetable oil is the main ingredient of margarine manufacturing
8. Animal lipids are the main ingredients of milk and butter manufacturing
9. Essential fatty acids prevent blockage of the blood vessels.
10.Some types can be processed into renewable fuel or biofuel to replace the fuel from petroleum.
11. As a raw material for petrochemical (glycerol, etc..), pharmaceutical/supplement industry
12. Their outstanding change in total solid at various temperatures allows its use in chocolate bars that need good melting properties when it is chewed in the mouth.
Thus, fats and oils benefits include many aspects, ranging from nutrition, physical and sensory properties of food, health, food processing, etc.

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