Thursday, July 14, 2011

CBE Processing (Cocoa Butter Equivalent Manufacturing)

One technique that many Cocoa Butter Equivalent processing (CBE manufacturing) carried out so far is by way of blending (mixing) between fat (which is rich in POP triacylglycerols) and other fat (rich in POS and SOS triglycerides). Proportional formulation would result in fat which performs melting and crystallization properties that are very similar to the CB (Cocoa Butter). POP is generally the main source of hard triacylglycerols palm mid fraction (PMF) as a product of multistage fractionation of palm oil. Meanwhile, as a source of POS and SOS can be obtained from exotic fats such as borneo illipe butter (tengkawang), sal stearin, mango stearin, kokum or dhupa fat.
Because of the limited resources of exotic natural fats, so the recent technique of enzymatic interesterification be one option for modifying fats and oils in the CBE production or CBE processing. Enzymatic interesterification usually needs raw material which is rich in oleic oil. Oleic oil is relatively more abundant in availability. During interesterification, redistribution of fatty acids in triacylglycerols will occur, so it will change the composition of fatty acids in triacylglycerols.
The consequences will affect the physical characteristics of oils and fats, such as melting and crystallization properties. The production of CBE through enzymatic interesterification can be performed using 1,3 specific lipase catalyst that will catalyze the reaction between the raw material which is rich in POP triacylglycerols such as palm oil and raw material which is rich in tristearin (SSS) or stearic acid, to produce a major triacylglycerols CBE, namely POS and SOS. This enzymatic interesterification has been developed commercially by several world companies of specialty fats, such as Fuji Oil Europe for example. This CBE processing through enzymatic interesterification was also developed by IPB SEAFAST Center, one of which uses a blend of PMF soft substrate (source of POP) with fully hydrogenated soybean oil (source of SSS) as a raw material. Triacylglycerols profile of CBE products relatively similar to the CB as seen in profile analysis using the HPLC chromatograms. Likewise, the profile of solid fat content (SFP) was close to the SFC profile of CB, although it needs further refinement in its fractination.

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