Monday, October 31, 2011

Palm oil downstream industry development

Agriculture expert from Bogor Agricultural University (IPB), Prof Erliza Hambali told through the development of the palm oil downstream industry, it could be one of Indonesia's biggest foreign exchange producer. According to Prof. Erliza Hambali, the industry can be relied upon as a driver of national economy and are able to produce large amounts of foreign exchange. Referring to the data issued by the chamber, protection of national income in 2010 of crude palm oil (CPO) reached U.S. $ 14 billion.
Prof. Erliza argues, the income from CPO at U.S. $ 14 billion can be increased through the development of palm oil downstream industry (IHKS). With such development, value-added product in Indonesia can be utilized as much as possible both to improve people's welfare state and foreign exchange.
He said that, until now Indonesia is the country's largest CPO producer in the world. This reputation has been borne by Indonesia since 2006. According to him, the advantages of Indonesia at the sub-sector needs to be kept on hold and was developed to improve the welfare of the community.
He believed the development of the palm oil downstream industry may be the important key in the national economy forward, foreign exchange, job creation, increase added value for CPO and improve national food security and energy.

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