Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Physicochemical properties of sesame oil

Sesame oil is soluble in alcohol and can be dissolved in ether, chloroform, petroleum benzene, but sesame oil is not soluble in water. After sesame oil was purified and met the quality standards of trade, sesame oil showed light yellow color, is odorless, has a savory taste and showed no symptoms of cloud at a temperature of 0 degree Celcius.
Sesame oil is used for cooking oil and for various industrial purposes. Sesame oil contains antioxidants (sesamin, and sesamolin) so sesame oil can be stored more than one year without being deteriorated (rancid). Potato chips fried in sesame oil could be stored up to three months, while potato chips fried in corn oil could only stored up to three weeks. Sesame oil contains a low saturated fatty acid, so that sesame oil provide many benefits both on health and the potential to maintain fitness.

Sesame oil contains oleic acid 35.50 to 37.5%, linoleic acid 35-50%, less than 1% linolenic acid and saturated fatty acids palmitic 11.07%. Basically, sesame oil contains high unsaponifiable matters in the form of sterols, but levels of non-oil materials is relatively low. The typical character of sesame oil is contain approximately 0.3 to 0.5% sesamoline and also contain sesamin about 0.5 to 0.1%. Sesamol in sesame oil produced from the hydrolysis of sesamoline and is an antioxidant. Phosphatides compounds present in small amount of about 0.1 percent in sesame oil, whereas the amount of tocopherol in sesame oil was less than 0.06%.
High-grade crude sesame oil can be used as a salad oil without winterization (winterization) process. Sesame oil is used extensively in the pharmaceutical industry, as in the manufacture of ammonia liniment because the physical properties of sesame oil are not easily separated . Sesame oil is synergistic with phrethrum. These were the unique characteristics of sesame oil. Sesame oil has a positive optical rotation value.
Physicochemical properties of sesame oil can be summarized as follows. Density of sesame oil at a temperature of 25 Celcius degree is 0.916 to 0.921. Refractive index of sesame oil at a temperature of 25 Celcius degree is 1.4763. Iodine value of sesame oil is 103-112. Saponification value of sesame oil is 188-193. Reichert-meiss value of sesame oil is 1.2. Hehner value of sesame oil is 95.6 to 95.9. Freezing point of sesame oil is 21 – 24 Celcius degree. Melting point of sesame oil is 21 to 31.5 Celcius degree.

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