Saturday, May 30, 2009

Tips: How to minimize bad effect of acrylamide in fried food ?

1.Keep a balanced food combination, such as consuming vegetables and fruits.
2.Consume natural food containing high level antioxidants proportionally.
3.Do not over-fry your food (such as too long time, fry it many times, or the temperature is too high). Tips: First, set the oils at a temperature needed, and then use it to fry your food , so your food do not take too long time at the hot pan and only a little part of the oil were absorbed to the food products.
4.Avoid using too much oil in a frying pan.

5.Avoid using oil that had been used at too high temperature, and many times of uses (It is suggested that you should not use your oil more than three times for frying).
6.Make sure that there is no detergent or soap left in the frying pan, because they can accelerate deterioration due to oil trapped in air bubbles formed by detergent or soap in the oil.
7.Reduce moisture content of your food before you fry it, so there are not much water in the products that can accelerate the decomposition of fat/ oil through hydrolysis of fat/ oil.
8.Cook (steam or boil) first your food that needs a long time of frying.

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