Friday, July 15, 2011

Airplanes flight using cooking oil as fuel ?

Thomson Airways will become the first British airline passengers which fly using biofuel - in this case cooking oil - when operating the service to fly to Spain on July 28. The airline said that it plans to operate flights from Birmingham to Palma, after receiving a final security clearance. According to the Daily Mail, the flight will operate on a 50/50 mix of Jet A1 fuel and esters of the hydroprocess and fatty acids (Hefa) - made from used cooking oil.
The airline plans to operate weekly flights to Spain using biofuels from September, initially on the same route and switch to Birmingham-Alicante during the winter schedule.
"Because biofuels more commercially available, Thomson Airways plans to expand the use of sustainable biofuels in its fleet over the next three years," said Chris Browne, Managing Director of Thomson Airways.
Earlier, on Wednesday, the Dutch airline KLM has been operating the world's first scheduled flight using the Boeing 737-800 biokerosene carrying 171 passengers across from Amsterdam to Paris, using a mixture of jet fuel and the same cooking oil is planned to be used by Thomson.
Trucks using cooking oil as fuel
After a short time ago the European airlines to use aircraft as fuel oil, now turn the truck in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) using the same fuel.
As quoted by the Associated Press on Monday (04/07/2011), now turn to the United Arab Emirates who use fuel oil, which this time is supplied by well-known fast food company, McDonald.
Dubai-based company, Neutral Fuels, announced that it has reached an agreement to process cooking oil from McDonald's outlets in the UAE to be 100 percent biodiesel fuel, for sending food trucks of McDonald in the United Arab Emirates. Neutral Fuels has tested biodiesel fuel last year and began to cultivate it from the cooking oil from McDonald's since the end of May.
"This is very interesting because in the Arab region has never been anyone tried to use this fuel," said Karl W. Feilder, Chairman of the Neutral Group.
"This is the first time we can produce a fuel which is 50 percent cleaner than normal diesel and has lower carbon content, because it comes from the residual cooking oil," he added.
Parties McDonald said that the move is part of their plan with the UAE in terms of new energy sources.
"McDonald's UAE has demonstrated strong commitment in terms of the environment," said Rafic Fakih, Managing Director of McDonlad UAE.
Neutral Fuels said that they have the capacity to produce 1 million liters of biodiesel a year, and those results can also be duplicated.
Although not described in detail how much biodiesel can be produced from 80 McDonald's outlets in the UAE, but Neutral Fuels said that the amount is sufficient to run the vehicles in the country.

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