Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Type of foods high in trans fats

Why does your favorite potatoes and fried chicken from restaurant feels more delicous and crispy than you cook by yourself at home? The answer probably is trans fats. It contribute to foods texture, better taste and give you high energy, but it is not good for heart health. It can also raise cholesterol levels, exacerbating inflammation, reduce levels of good cholesterol that prevent heart disease and cancer risk. So what is type of foods high in trans fats ?

Instant cake mix
It is certainly easier to make cookies with instant cake mix. But it's better if you make the cake from begining to the finished cake to ensure you have served the healthy kind of foods for your family.
French fries
Who does not like french fries. Its delicious taste that will make anyone want to eat it more. However, unfortunately the fries contain trans fats which come from the frying.
Fried foods
Just like french fries, you never really know what oil is used to fry it. And it should be avoided if you are not sure of the materials used. Then, frying with used oil or using the same oil for frying repeatedly may be also bad for your health.
Frozen cakes and pies
Baked products that you buy from stores, especially those that can be stored for a long time, may contain this kind of material. Frozen cakes and pies are often a source of type of foods high in trans fats you should avoid.
Without that ingredient, donuts will be very oily. In order to create softer texture, snacks such as cake, donuts, and cookies using it.
Pop corn
Popcorn sold in movie theaters may contain these ingredients. To keep the taste, the use of margarine may be substituted with butter.
Coffee creamer
Creams contained in many snacks and beverages, such as coffee, are trans fats.
Biscuits (crackers)
Most crackers use this product, which can be replaced with soy or canola oil to make it safe.
Foods and Drug Administration (FDA) announced that they will restrict or prohibit trans fats significantly from foods in the U.S. This agency decided that it was not safe for human health, and should not be in the foods we eat. In 1999, the FDA first proposed that manufacturers should disclose the content of trans fats on nutrition labels, but it did not become a requirement until 2006. Many of the companies have gotten removed it from their products, and New York City even ban trans fats from restaurant foods in 2006. But, according to the FDA, there are type of foods high in trans fats, such as donuts, biscuits crackers, popcorn, frozen pizza, coffee creamer, frozen dough products as well as canned products. It is a real challenge for the industry and scientists.

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