Wednesday, June 6, 2012

How to store cooking oil properly

How to store cooking oil properly is as follows. It should be kept in a dark-colored packaging. It is intended to avoid rancidity, because of oxidation due to contact with air and is triggered by ultraviolet in the sunray. Recently, it is sold in the market in transparent or translucent-colored package. It aims to be easily visible. In addition, the consumer preference to its packaging is transparent. Yet this preference is not appropriate because it can be easily oxidized, so it becomes rancid. Store cooking oil properly in sealed containers and away from heat sources such as light, stove, and the sun! The bad habit to put it near a heat source will cause fortified vitamin A will be reduced even in very small amounts. Vitamin A contained will be damaged because vitamin A is one of micro substances which is sensitive to acid and oxidation when exposed to direct sunlight, and easily damaged by heat. So, the key to store cooking oil properly is keep it away from the factors inducing its deterioration, such as UV, heat, air, and even metals.

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