Friday, May 13, 2011

Corn Oil

Corn as a food ingredient, contain high nutritional value when compared with other food ingredients, especially the yellow corn that contains vitamin A. Fat contained in the bottom of the grain corn seed weighs about 9-12 percent of the weight of grain. Carbohydrates contained in the endosperm of about 73-79 percent, levels of protein in the endosperm of about 10-19 percent and 22.4 percent in the epidermis. The results show the protein content in maize seeds by 8.6-9.4 percent. Protein content was even higher (11-15%) in maize hybrids fertilized with nitrogen. Protein-poor maize lysine and tripthofan that can cause disease pellagra in people food only comes from corn. By mixing maize with other foods that contain lysine and tripthofan the disease can be prevented. Fat corn mainly contained in the institution, with about 30 percent fat content. Fat content of whole corn kernels that is 4.2 to 5 percent.

Corn oil is a triglyceride composed by glycerol and fatty acids. Percentage of triglycerides approximately 98.6 percent, while the rest are non-oil materials, such as ash, dyes or wax. Fatty acids that make up the corn oil consists of saturated fatty acids and unsaturated fatty acids. In 100 kg of corn with moisture content 16%, will produce about 64 kg of grain flour and 3 kg of corn oil.
Corn oil (maize oil) is oil obtained from the extraction of corn institutions. Corn oil yellowish, 0.92 specific gravity, saponification value 195, iodine value 120. Corn oil contains 20-50% oleic acid, linoleic acid 35% -60%, 2% phospholipids, as well as unsaponified material 2% (tocopherol, sitosterol, and wax).
Corn oil plant will be hidden in the (germ) in the seed corn, natural place save in the form of concentrated energy-9 calories per salt-for powering the miraculous events of the creation of a new plant from a seed. In corn, the plant would be only 8 percent of all corn seed and only about half the oil tangible, then a single corn was not an abundant oil fields.
Corn oil obtained from seeds of maize or Zea mays L., which is at the core of corn seed (kernel) or seed corn (corn germ). Nucleus seed corn (maize seeds (corn germ)) has oil content of corn as much as 83% with 14% humidity. Corn oil fatty acid content of most of the linoleic acid C18: 2 (unsaturated fatty acids / unsaturated fatty acids). This oil was first discovered in central Mexico in 5000 BC.

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